Four Wheel Dolly

4 wheel dolly
  • Pricing

    1 Day Minimum / $10 Minimum Rental

     1 Day $12 / 1 Week 40 / 4 Week $70

  • .....................................

24 in. x 36 in. dolly made of select kiln–dried hardwood. Carpeted for protection. 4 in. nonmarking, polyolefin swivel hard–rubber casters.




Key Specs

Load Capacity (lbs.)
Deck Construction
Material Type
Kiln dried hardwoods
Base L x W (in.)
24 x 36
Caster Type
Caster Size (in.)
Caster Material
Hard rubber
Carpeted ends for protection

Appliance Dolly

Appliance Dolly Appliance Dolly
  • Pricing

    1 Day Minimum / $16 Minimum Rental

     1 Day $16 / 1 Week $64  / 4 Week $139

  • .....................................
  • Stair Climber Dolly
  • Plastic or Aluminum Hub
  • Wt. 51.lbs Cap. 500 lbs
  • PT#:SC 8 (Aluminum SC 8AL)

Box Dolly

Box Dolly Pricing by A-1 Equipment Rental Center Box Dolly
  • Pricing

    1 Day Minimum / $8 Minimum Rental

     1 Day $8 / 1 Week 23 / 4 Week $69

  • .....................................



This rugged hand truck features oversized 13in. x 4in. pneumatic tires with fenders that allow you to carry up to 700-lb. loads over rougher terrain.





Key Specs

Load Capacity (lbs.)
Height (in.)
51 1/2
Overall Width (in.)
21 1/2
Toe Plate Width (in.)
13 3/4
Toe Plate Depth (in.)
Handle Type
Tire Type
Tire Size H x W (in.)
13 x 4
Manufacturer Warranty
12 months limited parts / No labor
Ship Weight
34.0 lbs

Dollies Rental in Redwood City, CA


The Best Furniture Dollies for Moving and Transportation


Discover seamless moving and transportation with A-1 Equipment Rental Center's premium dolly rental services in the heart of Redwood City, CA. Choose A-1 Equipment Rental Center today and roll into a smoother, more streamlined moving experience.


What Is a Dolly?


A dolly, also known as a hand truck or a moving dolly, is a wheeled device designed to aid in transporting heavy or bulky items. It typically consists of a flat platform or frame mounted on two or more wheels and a handle for pushing or pulling. Dollies are used to move items more easily by reducing the need for lifting and carrying, especially when items are too heavy to be lifted manually. They come in various types, such as furniture dollies, appliance dollies, and utility dollies, each designed to accommodate specific types of items.


Difference Between Dolly and Hand Truck


The main difference between a dolly and a hand truck lies in their design and functionality. A dolly is a simple platform with wheels that transport heavy or bulky items by rolling them across a flat surface. It doesn't usually have handles and requires manual pushing or pulling. On the other hand, a hand truck, also known as a two-wheeler or a utility cart, is equipped with a pair of wheels and a vertical frame with handles. This design allows for easy tilting and lifting of items, making it particularly effective for moving heavy objects up or down stairs. While both tools aid in moving, a dolly is better suited for flat surfaces, while a hand truck excels in navigating stairs and inclines.

Types of Dollies


A-1 Equipment Rental Center, we have several types of dollies designed to cater to different moving needs. Furniture dollies feature a flat platform with swivel casters, ideal for moving large pieces of furniture. Appliance dollies have straps and a stair-climbing mechanism to transport heavy appliances up and down stairs easily. Utility dollies are versatile and often foldable, suited for various items. Platform dollies offer a sturdy, flat surface for transporting heavy and bulky loads. Hand trucks, also known as two-wheel dollies, have a vertical frame and two wheels, making them excellent for moving items up and down stairs. Each dolly type serves specific purposes, providing efficient solutions for various moving challenges.


Benefits of Dollies


Dollies provide a range of advantages that streamline the process of moving heavy or bulky items. By harnessing the advantages of dollies, individuals and businesses can ensure smoother, safer, and more efficient moving experiences. The benefits of dollies include:

  • Reduced Physical Strain - Dollies minimize the need for lifting and carrying heavy loads, reducing the risk of injuries and strains for individuals involved in moving tasks.
  • Efficient Movement - Dollies allow for swift transportation of items, increasing productivity and saving time, especially when dealing with large or unwieldy objects.
  • Versatility - Dollies come in various types designed for specific purposes, making them adaptable to a wide range of moving scenarios, from residential moves to commercial logistics.
  • Specialized Features - Some dollies are equipped with features like stair-climbing mechanisms, adjustable straps, or tilting platforms, enabling smoother navigation across different terrains and obstacles.
  • Preservation of Items - Dollies provide a stable and secure platform for transporting items, minimizing the risk of damage that might occur with manual handling.
  • Labor Savings - Using dollies reduces the need for multiple individuals to carry heavy items, optimizing labor resources for more complex tasks.


How to Use Dolly

Using a dolly is simple: position the flat platform under the item, secure it with straps if needed, grip the handles, tilt to engage the wheels, and then guide the dolly's movement by pushing or pulling. Be cautious around corners and obstacles and when setting the item down. This efficient method minimizes strain and ensures the safe transportation of heavy objects.


Choose A-1 Equipment Rental Center


Simplify heavy lifting tasks with A-1 Equipment Rental Center's dolly rental services. Whether you're moving furniture or equipment, our high-quality dollies make the process a breeze. We also offer various equipment rentals, from log splitters to excavators, catering to all your project needs. Make your tasks more manageable with A-1 Equipment Rental Center. Explore our services now and experience efficiency like never before.