Base and Upper Scaffold in Redwood City

 Scaffold Base Pricing

1 Day  Minimum   $40 Minimum Rental

1 Day $40   l   1 Week $120     4 Week $330


 Scaffold Upper Section Pricing

1 Day  Minimum   $30 Minimum Rental

1 Day $30   l   1 Week $100     4 Week $250

Mobile utility scaffold

Adjustable. . . in 3" increments from 1'8" to 5'8". Platform height can be changed easily to achieve exactly the right working height for any job. Heights up to 24' are possible by adding additional height units.

Adaptable. . . because it's so easily adjusted, it can be adapted to stairs, ramps, and other uneven surfaces. The Baker II is ideal for working over furniture, equipment, and other floor obstacles.

Portable. . . because it fits easily through a standard doorway. Quick and easy to set up and take down, with no tools required. Unassembled, it occupies about the same storage space as an ordinary step ladder.

Versatile. . .Designed so they can be used as a single unit, or can be stacked to provide additional working height levels. Guard railing, outriggers, and other accessories are available to make scaffold units usable in a variety of special applications.


Convenient Hand Grip Holes on Wood Walkboards - Two smooth cutouts located at the center of the walkboard provide a gripping area for easy handling.

Hold Down Clamps - Spring loaded clamps offer added stability to the work platform area by providing a means of securing the walkboard in place.

Panelized Guard Rail System - Guard Railing System provides a protected work platform area and features easy installation. Through the use of guard rail sockets, and toeboard positioners that accommodate either 6" steel toeboard or wood, Baker II Scaffold keeps guard railing and toeboards at the platform level at all times.

Outriggers - Increased working heights can be achieved by installing outriggers at the base of the scaffold unit. Units can then be stacked to reach maximum working heights of 23' 6"

5" Rear Locking Casters - All 5" Casters have a 220# capacity rating, and come complete with a 2" Snap Pin.