Requirements to Rent


  • Valid Picture I.D.
    1. California Drivers License, or
    2. California issued I.D. card
  • Acceptable Deposit
    1. Visa, M/C or A/X credit card
    2. Substantial cash amount
    3. Local company check with amount left open
  • Age Requirement
    1. 21 years of age to rent vehicles
    2. 18 years of age to rent equipment

Rental Period:

  • Hourly rentals have a minimum time of 2 or 3 hours depending on the item.
    1. A 5-minute "grace" period is allowed.
    2. After the 5-minute "grace" period, an extra hour charge is applied until the daily rate is reached.
  • Daily rentals are 24 hours from when the equipment is accepted.
    1. A 1-hour "grace" period is allowed.
    2. After the 1-hour "grace" period, 1/4 of the daily rate will be charged for each hour the equipment is late. After the equipment is 5 hours late, the full daily rate will apply.
  • Weekly rentals are a 7 consecutive day week.
    1. Extra days will be charged at a "pro-rated" rate equal to the weekly rate divided by 7.
    2. Extra days and weeks will be charged until the monthly rate applies.

Damage Waiver:

  • An additional charge for Damage Waiver automatically applied unless the customer declines it. In exchange for the charge, A-1 Rentals agrees to waive claims against the customer for damages to the equipment or vehicles beyond a $250.00 deductible on vehicles and equipment valued over $5000.00 or a zero deductible on other equipment, excluding damages resulting from negligence, misuse or abuse, whether intentional or not. Damage Waiver does not cover any tire damage.
    1. The charge for Damage Waiver on equipment is 10% of the total rental charge.
    2. The charge for Damage Waiver on vehicles is $12.00/day, $48.00/week, $144.00/month.

Mechanical Breakdowns:

  • If you have a mechanical breakdown:
    1. Call us immediately! We will repair or replace the equipment as soon as possible.
    2. We will give down "time" credit, only if you call us, otherwise you will pay for all the time you were "down."
    3. Do NOT attempt to repair equipment yourself.


  • Equipment is rented in "serviceable" condition, which means the fuel is full, the fluids are full and within the service period, air filters are clean, tires are aired and equipment is clean.
    1. Customer is responsible for checking the fluids and filters daily and topping off if necessary.
    2. Customer is responsible for all tire damage. Tire damage is not covered by Damage Waiver.
    3. Extra charges will apply if the equipment is not returned clean and in "serviceable" condition. Privacy Policy Statement:

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