Brush Chipper 6'


3HR  Minimum

$180 Minimum Rental

1 Day $300

1 Week $1200

4 Week $2490









Compact, feature packed and ready to produce results. Job after job, ourVermeer® 600 series of brush chippers have proven their reputation as the leader in its class of machines. This disc-style chipper is the right choice for  municipal work crews, landscaping professionals, golf course managers and tree service contractors that want a dependable brush chipper capable of processing material up to 6" (15 cm) in diameter. With the standard Auto Feed system to maximize productivity and the innovative Bottom Feed Stop Bar to enhance operator safety.



Length  110 " 279.4 cm
Width  53.5 " 135.9 cm
Height  94 " 238.8 cm
Make and Model  Kohler Command Pro 27  
Horsepower  27 hp 20.1 kw
Feed System
Chipping Capacity  6 " 15.2 cm

Brush Chipper 12"

Brush Chipper 12" 12" Brush Chipper


3HR  Minimum / $250 Minimum Rental

1 Day $399

1 Week $1599

4 Week $3999


Looking for productivity and safety for your line-clearing and rental operations? Then look no further than Vermeer. The new 49 hp, provides the latest innovations, productivity, operator safety, and power efficiency.  Equipped with a CAT 2.2L Tier 4a diesel engine, the BC1000XL delivers efficiency to chip through some of your toughest jobs, while the 25-gal (94.6L) fuel tank cuts the time spent refueling and increases time spent on the Jobsite.


Features & Benefits
Feature: Control Panel
Benefit: This allows for the operator to have easier access to the necessary gauges while the machine is in operation.
Feature: Lower fuel consumption
Benefit: Engine will consume an estimated 40% less fuel than the 85 hp (63.4 kW) Cummins 3.3L at full load. It will use an estimated 30-35% less fuel during normal chipper operation. (Note: this is theoretical. Field testing in process to verify.)
Feature: Two Engine Options
Benefit: With two engine options, contractors have the ability to choose an appropriate power level based on their specific jobsite needs.
Feature: Engine Enclosure
Benefit: The heavy-duty engine enclosure is designed to hold up to the daily use and wear.
Feature: Rubber-Mounted Engine and Cutter Housing
Benefit: This helps reduce premature failure to shields, fenders, and other components. This design also helps reduce machine noise.
Feature: Clutchless PTO
Benefit: Premature wear to the belt-drive system is reduced by preventing high idle engagement of the cutter drum.
Feature: Large Fuel Capacity
Benefit: Crews can work long intervals without refueling.
Feature: Discharge Chute
Benefit: Adjustable chute positions allows chip boxes to be filled evenly while safely directing chips away from the infeed area.
Feature: Dual-Edge Cutter Knives
Benefit: They help increase the life of the knife by including two usable edges rather than one.
Feature: Rubber-Torsion Suspension
Benefit: This provides high reliability and smooth towing. Makes the BC1000XL a more desirable unit to tow with smaller vehicles.
Feature: Large Feed Opening
Benefit: This design can help boost productivity by decreasing the amount of trim cuts needed prior to processing.
Feature: SmartFeed
Benefit: This exclusive system from Vermeer helps increase operator productivity and reduces strain on vital engine parts.
Feature: Bottom Feed Stop Bar
Benefit: Helps to increase operator safety while feeding material.
Feature: Four-Position Feed Control Bar
Benefit: This design allows the operator to easily control feed direction and provides an additional way to stop the infeed, enhancing operator safety.


Length - Feed Table Up, Tongue In  150 " 381 cm
Length - Feed Table Down, Tongue Extended  198 " 502.9 cm
Width  66.5 " 168.9 cm
Height  101 " 256.5 cm
Make and Model  CAT C2.2L Tier 4 Interim  
Gross Horsepower (maximum)  49 hp 36.5 kw
Engine Option 2
Make and Model  Cummins B3.3 Turbo Tier 3  
Horsepower  85 hp 63.4 kw
Cutting System
Material Capacity  12 " 30.5 cm