Concrete Planner - Gas


3 HR Minimum

$195 Minimum Rental

1 Day $400

1 Week $1260

4 Week $3600










 Planners are ideal for removing trip-and-fall hazards, stripping brick, high tensile floor coatings or profiling any surface for a new coating. Specially designed carbide flails can effectively remove thermo- and cold plastic-type markings from streets and industrial floors. Multiquip Planners make your surface preparation seem plane easy.

Planners utilize a wide variety of flail configurations to hammer and impact almost any type of surface material.  The desired effect is achieved by positioning both flail and spacer selections as well as flair type. 



Positioning the wheels behind the drum allows the Planner to cut through high spots and irregularities on slab surfaces with greater consistency.


  • Dual V-belt drive system with belt tension adjustment
  • Comfortable, full-width, tubular operator handle
  • Full range of flails and planing accessories available
  • Honda GX160 gasoline engine (recoil)