Concrete Hand Tools


1 Day Minimum / $4 Minimum Rental

 1 Day $4 l  1 Week $9  l  4 Week $25


Edgers produce a radius along the slab edge which help the slab resist chipping and damage after the forms are removed. Perform edging after the bleedwater disappears from the concrete surface.


Bull Floats & Darby Finishing Tools

Darbying or bull floating should be done immediately after "screeding", or after the concrete has been tamped if tamping was done.This process should be finished before excess moisture or bleedwater appear on the surface.



Jointing the concrete is accomplished by grooving tools (unless the slab will be sawcut later). The purpose is to control the location of cracks that may form when the slab "contracts" due to drying shrinkage or temperature changes.

Hand Floats

Floating should be done after the edging and jointing operations. Floating helps remove imperfections and produces a flatter surface.It also compacts the slab and the mortar at the surface in preparation for later finishing operations.


Troweling produces a hard, smooth, dense surface and should be done immediately after floating.