Floor Hardwood Floor Nailer

Tongue & Groove Air Nailer

Floor Hardwood Floor Nailer by A-1 Equipment Rental Center Floor Nailer (Tongue & Groove)


1 Day Minimum

$45 Minimum Rental

1 Day $45

1 Week $170

4 Week $425



Pneumatic Powernailer® which uses 16 gage cleats for the installation of Tongue & Groove hardwood flooring.






  • The Model 445 is recommended for use on 5/8", 3/4" and 33/32" flooring.
  • The Standard configuration is a Long Handle with a Short Channel (L/S).
  • Requires a 70 to 110 psi air compressor.
  • Specify handle and channel length (L/L, S/L, S/S, XL/L & XL/S) when ordering
  • Short Channel holds 100 Powercleats
  • Long Channel holds 200.
  • Optional Pad for 1/2" flooring available.


Model Number: 445
Weight:  12 lbs
Operating Pressure:  80-100psi
Fastener Capacity:  200 nails
Fastener Range:  1-1/2 to 2"

About Flooring Nail Guns

The flooring nailer is an essential power tool needed if you are installing hardwoods.  The two types of flooring nailers are manual nailers and pneumatic nailers. The older, manual flooring nailer requires more brute strength since no compressor and air hose are used. The modern pneumatic floor nailer still requires that you hit the driver head to get the nail inserted properly, but less effort is exerted. You will often hear the term flooring cleat nailer and the cleat is what the nail is called. The flooring cleats are driven through the hardwood and into the subfloor at just the right angle so that you get straight boards and secure tongue and groove flooring.