Roof Coil Nail Gun - Dewalt

Roof coil nail gun by A-1 Equipment Rental Center Roofing Nailer


1 Day Minimum

$40 Minimum Rental

1 Day $40

1 Week $160

4 Week $480






  • Produces a cycle rate that works as fast as you do.
  • Lightweight (4.9lbs.) tool with a magnesium housing provides enhanced maneuverability and aids in minimizing user fatigue
  • Delivers the power to consistently drive nails in the toughest applications
  • Tool-free depth adjustment assists in locating the perfect depth setting for precise nail penetration
  • Convenient side-load canister design allows for quick and easy nail loading
  • Carbide inserts in contact trip foot protect against premature wear
  • Pneumatic bias feed piston provides consistent nail feed as pressure fluctuates, minimizing skipping and jamming
  • Integrated jam clearing nose door eliminates down-time from bent fasteners caught in the nosepiece
  • Double O-ring feed piston design provides protection against excessive feed piston wear
  • Replaceable anti-skid pads aid in preventing the tool from sliding off the roof
  • Nail height adjustment level allows for quick and easy adjustments
  • Hinged feed piston cover allows for quick and easy cleaning of feed piston area
  • Trigger lock-off allows trigger to be disabled when not in use


Nail Style                                       Coil Roofing

Nail Diameter Range                    120"

Nail Length Capacity                     3/4"-1-3/4"

Canister Capacity                          120

Operating Pressure                       70-120 psi

Canster Loading                            2-door side load

Nose Piece Carbide Inserts          YES

Depth Setting                                Too-free thumb wheel depth setting

Jam Clearing                                 Integrated in nose door

Steel Wear Guards                        YES

Nail Platform Adjustment Lever     YES

HInged Feed PIston Cover            YES

Shingle Guide                                YES
Padded Grips                                 Textured anti-slip comfort grip

Firing Mode                                    Bump trigger installed

Trigger Lock Off                             YES

Tool Height                                     11.4"

Tool Length                                    10.6"

Tool Weight                                      4.9 lbs

Shipping Weight                              6.25 lbs


About Pneumatic Nail Guns

Pneumatic nail guns are the most common power nailers and are powered by air pressure from a small compressor. In order to fire a nail form the gun, a valve opens and air fills a cylinder. The cylinder has a piston which is driven downward very fast and it forces the nail into the material you are working on. Air from the compressor is released from the nail gun through an exhaust vent when the piston is fully extended. At this time the piston recoils and another nail is loaded into position. Pneumatic nail guns need constant compressed air to work properly and each nailer has certain air requirements. Nail guns operate between a range of pressure that is measured in pounds per square inch (psi). They also need a minimum volume (cubic feet per minute - cfm) of air for the best results. Manufacturers say that any restrictions in the air hose will decrease the air pressure and volume - therefore hoses that are too long, the wrong size, or have a lot of moisture will lower airflow and potential cause poor performance or premature wear. If you want your nailer to work correctly, then make sure you buy an air compressor that is equal to or greater than the requirements of your nail in terms of air pressure and air volume. There are cordless nail guns (power nailers) but instead of using compressed air from a compressor, they use flammable gas to drive nails. Gas is drained from a disposable canister and injected into a combustion chamber above the piston. A battery creates an electric charge which in turn ignites the gas causing an explosion (small) to drive the piston and fire the nail. Cordless nailers can work as efficiently as pneumatic nailers although they require more scheduled cleanings. Cordless nailers work excellent in tight, start up fast, and project with low volume nailing. Features to consider when buying a power nailer are things like nail firing types, directional exhaust, jam clearing, adjustable depth, large triggers, carrying cases, swiveling air connectors, protective guards, easy to load nail magazines, and nail size adjustments.