60" wide Crawler Backhoe Bobcat E26


1 Day Minimum   $359 Minimum Rental

1 Day $359   l   1 Week $1429    4 Week $3999






Replace labor-intensive projects with a reliable  compact excavator and move to the next project sooner.  With its multi-attachment versatility, can dig everything from trenches to postholes, break up concrete and carve landscape features. Its compact size and rubber track flotation allows you to have excellent flotation through mud and protects established lawns and sensitive hardscapes. This multi-purpose machine is able to work in spaces where larger excavators could never fit. You will enjoy the optional longer dipper arm and that enables longer reach and increased dump height. This long-arm machine means less repositioning to work faster on shallow excavating jobs such as cleaning ditches and loading trucks. Instrumentation includes a shutdown feature to prevent potential damage to the machine.

Emissions Tier (EPA) Interim Tier 4 Interim Tier 4
Engine Fuel Diesel Diesel
Maximum Governed RPM 2200 RPM 2200 RPM
Horsepower 27.4 HP 27.4 HP
Turbocharged Engine No No
Operating Weight 6506 lbs 6896 lbs
Weight Class 2.7 t 3 t
Travel Speed - High 1.9 mph 1.9 mph
Travel Speed - Low 1.2 mph 1.2 mph
Arm Digging Force 3140 lbs 2649 lbf
Bucket Digging Force 4766 lbs 4766 lbf
Rated Lift Capacity 1249 lbs 1174 lbs
Lift Radius 118 in 118 in
Boom Swing - Left 90 deg 90 deg
Boom Swing - Right 50 deg 50 deg
Maximum Dig Depth 100.6 in 112.57 in
Max Dump Height 109.41 in 116.85 in
Maximum Reach at Ground Level 166.66 in 178.32 in
Max Dump Height - Long Arm N/A N/A
Max Dump Height - Extendable N/A N/A
Dig Depth - Long Arm N/A N/A
Dig Depth - Extendable N/A N/A
Reach at Ground Level - Long Arm N/A N/A
Reach at Ground Level - Extendable N/A N/A
Fuel Tank 14.1 gal 14.1 gal
Auxiliary Std Flow 12.3 GPM 12.3 GPM
Auxiliary Pressure 2500 psi 2500 psi
Length 165.2 in 164.2 in
Overall Length in Travel Position 165.2 in 164.2 in
Width 55 in 55 in
Height 92.8 in 92.79 in
Height with Operator Cab 92.8 in 92.79 in
Air Conditioning n/a n/a
Cab Enclosure opt opt
Cab Heater opt opt
Heater Air Conditioning n/a n/a
Radio opt opt
Tail Swing Type Conventional Conventional
Engine Shutdown std std
Auxiliary Hydraulics std std
Secondary Auxiliary Hydraulics N/A N/A
Quick Tach System std std
Rubber Track std std
Angle Blade n/a n/a