1.7KW Gas Generator (Quiet)


1 Day Minimum / $75 Minimum Rental

1 Day $75

1 Week $280

4 Week $700










Control Panel

User-friendly control panel.


Indicator Lights

Pilot lamp lights when the generator is in operation.  Other indicator lights for overload condition, low oil shutdown, and when the Auto Power System is in operation.


Overload Protection

Built-in overload protection stops the output of power to the receptacles in case of an overload.



Low Oil Shutdown

Engines incorporate a low oil shutdown that shuts off the engine when a low oil level is detected.


Auto Power System

Auto Power System adjusts the engine speed to meet the power requirements.  This reduces noise and increases fuel efficiency and engine life.


GFCI Receptacle

GFCI receptacle helps ensure operator safety and is OSHA compliant.


Single Dial Control

Single dial control allows the operator to choke and run the generator and turn off the fuel value with one dial for ease of operation.


12 volt DC Battery Charging

Subaru generators incorporate 12 volt DC battery charging capabilities for external battery charging.


Inverter Module

Subaru's state-of-the-art inverter module provides clean and stable power for sensitive electronic equipment.


Embedded Heat Sensors

Embedded heat sensors monitor the temperature of critical components and shut off the power output when an overload condition is detected.


Sound Attenuated Resin Panels

Foam-lined sound attenuated poly-resin panels fully enclose each inverter generator to ensure ultra-quiet operation.  Large panels can be easily removed to check the oil as well as remove spark plug for easy service.


Quiet Muffler with Spark Arrestor

Subaru specifically designs each muffler to each engine, therefore providing optimum sound reduction.  Each muffler includes a US Forestry-approved spark arrestor.


Fuel Strainer

Fuel strainer prevents debris from entering the fuel tank.


Washable & Reusable Air Cleaner Element

Keeps the engine running at optimum performance.


Inline Gas Tank Filter

This special in-line gas tank filter protects your engine from harmful dirt.  The fine mesh screen traps the fine sediments that could clog your carburetor. Qualified dealers can refer to the service manual for removal, cleaning and replacement.


Subaru 2.4hp OHV Industrial Engine

This unit is powered by a 2.4hp Subaru Industrial OHV engine that has features such as forged steel crankshaft, cast-iron cylinder sleeve liner, dual ball bearings and more.


Thick Copper Stator Windings

Heavy-duty copper windings ensure excellent performance and durability. They're able to withstand the heat and daily environmental conditions that affect performance and are varnish dipped to protect from moisture.


Strong Aluminum Base with Framework